The Dress Code

Opening its doors in the Brentwood/Santa Monica area in 2002, The Dress Code is a high end Custom Boutique. Diego Astorga, owner and master tailor, and his team will work with you to create a custom garment unique to your fit. Be it your own design or a recreation of an old favorite, the Dress Code is the place to have your ideal garment come to life.

Our custom pieces are made in house with fine quality, local or imported fabric. Our cloth selection includes: Loro Piana, Drapers, and Dormeuil. Aside from custom, we also offer a small variety of ready to wear pieces from Majestic brand clothing. Whether you’re contemplating a custom garment or indulging in some retail pieces The Dress Code is a one stop shop.


With a career spanning over four decades, Diego Astorga began building his reputation as a Master Tailor at the age of 9. Eager to learn the craft at such a young age, he was given a chance. First one being a custom pair of pants, upon succeeding and proving himself to the  tailor of a shop in Mexico, he was hired full time and in no time he was not only making pants, He was soon creating mens suits from scratch. As a Head Tailor in other shops he was able to expand his skills even further. Upon moving to Los Angeles, his skills would lead him to head Pattern Maker for a popular Ready to Wear Company.

Now as the Founder and Head Master Tailor of his own boutique, Diego has the creative liberty to create his own Dress Code.